To Blog Or Not To Blog

Herb’s blog, Herbdate 16313-001:

To blog or not to blog, that was my question
Whether ‘twas nobler in my mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous statements of noodle heads
Or to take up “Pen and Paper” against a sea of troublesome thoughts
And by blogging them out, thereby end them?

Well, okay then. That wasn’t bad for a Shakespeare parody at 5:00 A.M. I have been trying for some time to decide whether to start a blog and, since you are reading this, guess what?

What put me over the edge, you ask? Why did i decide to try this? Will i succeed? Well, if success is measured by a consistent day-to-day entry, i guess we’ll see.

I fancy myself something of a writer and a poet and read magazines like “Writer’s Digest” and “The Writer” and others that i see when i am loitering at Borders Books and Music, which i don’t get to do often enough. A writing exercise i read about in an article in Writer’s Digest said that you should try to write at least 350 words a day and that will help you get going. I had tried it in a series of little pieces you may or may not wind up seeing, but i am really slothful about actually doing it. I am hoping that blogging will help me achieve the 350 words a day and get me going. I guess i am expecting that if i don’t update my blog every once in a while (i doubt i can manage every day. I am going to try shooting for once or twice a week, but you never know. People that know me know i can be a little garrulous at times. Shut up, Carter.) friends, relatives and total strangers will e-mail me asking for updates.

Now i must decide between the services. This is kind of hard, but when i e-mail all of my friends i guess they will know what i have decided. I am typing each entry in Word, first, and then will cut & paste it into the program so i can have a copy and could use more than one service if i wanted, but i think it would be hard enough to keep track of one.

Well, i got to 375 words and have an inspiration for an upcoming entry already! Since i have owed my buddy from High School, Carter, a most humble, yea, even obsequious apology for tilting his pinball machine when he was at 110,000 points on the 2nd ball, i shall write about pinball. I know, some of you are saying, “woo-hoo! Shades of excitement! What next?” But stay tuned…

Okay, it was down to and and i think i will choose blogdrive because when i went to sign up for an e-mail update i didn’t have to register with them like i did xanga. All i wanted to know was when the thing was updated.



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