Punnishing My Readers With More Memes on NaBloPoMo #12

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23291 – 1176

Here’s The Haps:

The post I’m working on, which should have been a simple answer to a simple question, has grown into something a bit more than I thought. It’s because of the often convoluted bunny trails my mind takes when I’m answering a question. It drives Mrs. Herb and others bonkers but sometimes I feel like I got some ‘splainin’ to do. You will probably see what I mean when I get where I’m going on that post. In the memetime, please enjoy these mostly puns. They aren’t all true puns but I enjoyed them anyway.


  1. ‘Borrowing’ a few of these if you don’t mind!
    “After a half century of study, I’ve discovered the true connection between mind and body.
    It’s the neck.”

  2. I wonder how many people get the reference to Vlad the Impaler? I thought it was fabulous! And the Phillips head screwdriver was pretty good too!

    Chasing multiple rabbits down holes when writing a blog post? I wouldn’t know anything about that. 🙂

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