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Hope You Turned Your Clocks Back on NaBloPoMo #4

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23283 – 1168

Here’s the haps:

Not a whole lot for this post but I hope you enjoy these:



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11 responses to “Hope You Turned Your Clocks Back on NaBloPoMo #4”

  1. dumbestblogger Avatar

    I remember my brother playing a computer game at midnight that day. He thought he was so cool.

    1. Herb Avatar

      What if he would have crashed the internet and caused the collapse of society? Oh, wait. that’s what liberals are for.

      1. dumbestblogger Avatar

        Gotta hand it to them, they’re pretty good at it.

        1. Herb Avatar

          😂You are so right.

  2. Geoff Stamper Avatar
    Geoff Stamper

    Now I remembered. Thanks!

    1. Herb Avatar

      Happy to help!😂

  3. Mr. Ohh's Sideways View Avatar

    Loved the Best Buy memory. But the last onestruck home. Too Bad that for me it’s just old and stupid!! 🤣😎🙃

    1. Herb Avatar

      Join the club! 😁

      1. Mr. Ohh's Sideways View Avatar

        It’s a big club 🤣😎🙃

  4. J P Avatar

    We always talk about how things would be different if only we could only go back and re-live a period of time. Once a year I get the chance to live an hour over again when we move the clocks back to standard time. And every year, all I do is sleep through it both times.

    1. Herb Avatar

      We used to put the kids to bed at their regular time and then turn the clocks back. In Spring I would reset the clocks early in the day.

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