Maybe Not All The Way To Canaan But…

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23145 – 1140

Here’s the haps:

Our church is having its annual Father/Son – Men’s campout. This means that I will not be around to visit much. I go with my son, a couple of “adopted” sons, my two teenage grandsons, a couple of “adopted” grandsons, and of course, a large majority of the men and boys from my church family, all my friends.

I might think about some of you but don’t be too brokenhearted if I don’t.


  1. I’m with Stamper. You writing about camping is as close as I need to get to the actual experience.

    And I have not thought of Tennessee Ernie Ford in ages! I love a 4 part harmony.

  2. I used to camp at Feather River Canyon in Northern California and my biggest concern was snakes wandering through my tent at night, so I made sure to empty my boots every morning. The wolves were of no concern… they never bothered me, and I got to the point where their baying actually comforted me and helped me to sleep. That was way back in 1964 when we could still lie face down and drink directly from the river… it was so pure.

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