1. Well, Herb, I guess we are just going to have to hunker down and prepare ourselves for the horrors that are yet to come because of AI– what choice do we have? Sooner or later, AI is going to control all our banking and everything else as well….

    • It’s pretty creepy. The guy is an engineer at Microsoft and had a setup that was only inconvenienced but an average user might have had real problems. All on a baseless accusation.

  2. When I bought a new car a few years ago, the tech person was surprised that I didn’t want to connect a cell phone to it (at the time I didn’t even have a smart phone…) Since then I sold the car – I didn’t bond with all the technology! We live in interesting times!

  3. I tried to get away from having a google phone, but it’s surprisingly hard. The other day google maps was giving me a hard time, and not loading. For several minutes it was just a blank screen, then it pulled up one thing; the nearest U.S. Cellular store. It did it again the next day.

    Not a huge fan of that level of manipulation.

  4. AI is just a tool like any other, the problem is what people do with it… Unfortunately we are getting very close to the dystopia model of social credit where everyone’s actions will be evaluated and tied to their access to services. Which is also why I don’t get the fascination with smart home systems like Alexa. Do you really need an AI to turn off the lights and do we really need 24 hour access to buying stuff we don’t need? I get the appeal, but as an engineer I’d rather focus on more practical solutions than just the user experience

    • I agree. I can walk over to the light switch pretty easily, lol. There’s a lot of room for abuse, that’s for sure.

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