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This story is newer than many of the ones I do in this segment and if you’ve seen it already, I apologize for taking up your time, but I’m not really too sorry. This story is an excellent example of what I want this feature to be. I have seen the story in several places which is why I think you may have seen it already as well. But I like it. I think it’s because I understand the aunt’s feeling of total helplessness. I’ve watched this clip several times and I still get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as I see the woman falling and taking several precious seconds to get up. Seconds, instants, and moments can be burned into your memory forever.

I’ve been in situations where there is nothing at all you can do but watch a horrible thing happen. This woman is in her sixties (aside to the newscaster, that’s not elderly) and fell trying to save the baby. Seconds from tragedy and horror. But then:

It still boggles my mind and gives me a sick feeling to think about it. But I also got to thinking, lightening up for a minute, that this was one of those last-minute, save-the-day moments and it only could have been made better if the guy’s name had been Jones:


  1. Yes, why did he have to call the lady “elderly”? That had nothing to do with the story. And it sounds like dude has paid his dues so why did they have to throw in that he’s an “ex-con”? So many labels. But a great story.

    • That station showed the woman hugging him which is why I picked it but I agree, neither of those things had anything to do with the subject.

  2. Oh, my goodness. That’s just so scary. With global warming and everything, sometimes the wind is just so fierce that it can blow everything away. I mean if it was just grocery or shopping cart, it doesn’t matter that much, but this stroller has a baby on board. What a fright.

    • I don’t think it would take much of a strong wind if you are parked on a slope like that. Yeah, it had to be very frightening.

  3. I think 60s can be “elderly” for at least some people that age, and with this poor lady’s mobility limitations, I can at least understand why the news people “went there”. (Disclosure – I am one of those people in their 60’s.)

    That said, this was a real heart warmer. I do enjoy seeing the best parts of human nature come out to help someone when that help is really needed. Plus, it is not hard to sense a bit of divine intervention.

    • As one of those 60’s also I can understand what you’re saying. And some days are more elderly than others, lol.
      Definitely divine intervention.

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