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Here’s the haps:

I feel pleased with myself about having completed the Blogging A – Z Challenge this year, especially since I picked the theme and stuck to it. There were a couple of posts where I just more or less phoned it in and you could probably tell but for the most part, I tried to put out a quality product that an audience of this caliber and sophistication deserves. I appreciate all of my readers and I extra-appreciate my commenters. I realize that your time is valuable and I am grateful for your spending it with me. I also feel that I accomplished something by maintaining the “Nice on the ‘Net” posts even though they weren’t all on Saturday. I enjoy looking for and finding stuff for that piece.

Even though I did do a daily post for a whole year from August 2019 through October 2020 and at other times, it’s a bit much to maintain and put out a quality product. I like the feeling of accomplishment, though. No matter what, “Nice on the ‘Net” is a keeper. I have a bunch of memes to unload and they would last a while even if I did a baker’s dozen every couple of days. And while I enjoy that it does not make me work on writing. I will take a couple of days off now, though. I think.

I was thinking about that previous paragraph as I went through my folder of memes and realized I have a LOT of them so you might see more of these posts because I like them. I think 12 or 13 at a time is more than enough, though. I could add a polling plugin and let whoever wanted to vote on their favorite do that. Hmmm…(Thinking… You can smell the smoke all the way over there, can’t ya?) Okay. Went and looked at some plugins but I didn’t find any that were a good fit for me or all the cool features cost more money than I want to spend for a WP plugin. I’ve only ever paid for one plugin, Filebird, because the free version was so handy. I will look into the polling thing some more, though.


  1. I always thought Elijah was a bit insincere about wanting to die. All he had to do was go back to Jezebel and she would have happily obliged. 😉
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  2. Congrats on putting your boot on the neck of the latest challenge. And I had never thought about becoming a vacuum cleaner, but I can now see it as a legitimate life parh.

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