What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

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Here’s the haps:

What are the pros and cons of procrastination? Really? I got nothing. Maybe I can write something about it tomorrow. Although I did look up concrastination, which slang dictionaries define as getting started on something immediately. There is also a hip-hop song called Concrastination but I didn’t give it a listen. I do know that Grammarly hates the words crastination and concrastination, though, which makes them fun.

I don’t know what anyone would expect from me with a prompt like that. Sorry, gang, I’ll try again tomorrow.


  1. It is really a bad habit that I can’t get rid of. LOL. And I don’t know the pros of procrastination, although I can’t help wondering if procrastination is an act of defiance against things imposed on our life.

  2. The problem with procrastination is that sometimes it pays off. I put off buying something I needed because it was kind of expensive, and while I was waiting, the price dropped. I put off taking a required course that I really didn’t want to take, and then the requirement was dropped and I didn’t have to take it after all. If procrastination always resulted in calamity or catastrophe, I’d have some incentive to overcome it, but because it sometimes pays off, I’m often willing to take the gamble.

  3. I can take procrastination to championship levels. Right now, for example, I am simultaneously commenting on a blog post that is nearly a month old, while putting off starting back into a work project I took a 10 minute break from 20 minutes ago.

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