Write A Short Story Or Poem About Rain

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Here’s the haps:

So today was not a great day for writing and I was kind of uninspired by this prompt. I really did get up late and run errands and come back to a houseful and it wasn’t a rainy day. I’ve often heard that rain was a symbol of sadness and depression but I think it can be happy, too. Anyway, here is today’s offering. I hope you can enjoy!

Write About Rain‽‽‽ Really‽‽‽

I woke up late, around seven or so
I had shopping to do at three big stores
I looked at the screen and groaned with pain
They want me to write something about rain‽‽‽

When I got home from that annoying trek
With grandchildren was my house bedeckéd
For noisy kids and noisy parents all
I knew that today’s post I must forestall

Besides, who picks the rain to be a prompt
I almost felt like I ought to be comped
But then I thought that sounded somewhat rude
And decided to change my attitude

Still, I wonder what in thunderation
Could be writ about precipitation?


      • I’d look forward to clean up work with downed tree limbs and general yard clean-up work in the neighborhood . For a 10 year old kid and through high school to pick up several hundred dollars every year was a gold mine. However, one, two or three weeks with no electricity was a nightmare and I grew older. Sea levels must have changed in South Florida over last several decades as typical heavy rains cause some very serious flooding these days.

        • Wow. That would have been a gold mine, for sure. It’s an experience I’ve not had and don’t really think I want, lol. I’ve seen the aftermath of tornadoes but so far have been blessed not to been in the direct path of one.
          Out here we do get winds between 60 – 100 mph and golf ball size hail. One year when I worked for an insurance company there was softball size hail that destroyed vehicles and killed livestock.

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