Straight Talk

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Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22963 – 1040

Here’s the haps:

You make your way to the house of Mary’s parents as quickly as you can and knock on the door. The door is opened by a very angry-looking woman, Mary’s mother. Her father is sitting there in his chair giving you a hard stare. You know these people and you know he has told his wife, “You talk to him or I will.”

“Joseph!” She does not swing the door open with a giant smile as she usually does. You are in for it. “Joseph, I demand to know what is going on! Mary came home, ran into her room and started crying and won’t stop and won’t tell a soul what is wrong! What have you done to my Mary?”

You swallow hard. These are people that have always liked you, loved you, really. “I…uh…,” You stammer, “I must speak with Mary and you both right away.”

A manly, furious voice from within, “Oh you have some speaking to do, alright!”

“Please ask Mary to come in, too,” you say as you enter the door. She enters the room and your eyes meet hers and she sees your demeanor and smiles at you. You smile back and suddenly know that it will not only be all right, but you know how to deal with this part anyway. As her parents see the smiles, they suddenly become more curious than angry.

“Well,” her father is always direct and to the point, “What is going on here?”

You take a deep breath and being an equally direct man, you look him in the eyes, knowing the conclusion they will jump to since there has only ever been one way in life it has ever happened, and say, “The wedding must be immediately. Mary is with child.”


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