Award Winning Wednesday – J. P. Cavanaugh at J. P.’s Blog

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Here’s the haps:

When I was blogging daily and had a regular posting schedule of different features I always tried to do one of these posts a week. I have done around twenty-ish awards so far. A list can be found under my Award Winning Wednesday category if you’re interested.

The problem I always have with doing this is that there are so many high-quality blogs that I follow it gets hard to narrow it down. One bit of criteria I use is that it has to be G-rated or at the very worst PG-13 or there’s no way I can recommend it to my readers. I really don’t worry about that with this one. I have followed J. P. Cavanaugh for quite some time and have never been embarrassed by language or subject matter although sometimes the subject matter is very diverse. His tagline is perfect, “A blog about . . . , well . . . , let’s come back to this.” He writes about family, Big Band Era music (especially Jazz), different recording methods developed over time, breakfast cereal, candy, his youth, being a lawyer, economics, his Catholic faith, and a veritable plethora of other topics. He is also a regular contributor to a blog about vintage and classic cars called Curbside Classic.

As you may or may not be aware, my award is a true award, not an electronic chain letter and it does not require any backlinks or answering a bunch of questions, or finding a bunch of other bloggers to tag. He can put it in a post or place it on his blog, link to me if he wants, or do nothing whatsoever with it, but I am offering the “Herb likes this blog and would like to have coffee with this blogger sometime,” award to the interesting, intelligent, and diverse J. P. Cavanaugh at J. P.’s Blog.


  1. Why thank you, kind sir. Now I feel like an ungrateful heel for not getting here sooner. But I am glad that I ignored advice from someone others to just start fresh today on the blogs I follow.

    Your kind words are encouraging!

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