For Americans On Daylight Savings Time – Set Your Clocks Back One Hour

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Here’s the haps:

As a Public Service Announcement to fellow Americans(and for post # 3), this is the autumn time change when we “fall back” one hour. Yes, Daylight Savings Time actually ends but I don’t think it matters what you call it or how you say it, it’s still a nuisance.

Parenting Trick if your kids are at that certain age: We always waited until after we put the little ones to bed, then we turned the clocks back for an extra hour to ourselves.

And Finally, Some Good Advice, Just In Case:


  1. I just wish they’d leave time on standard time. Time travel twice a year is exhausting and the illusion of an extra hour of sleep is just that, an illusion. And tonight sunset is 4:52 Ysyyyyy. Happy Fall Back Day Herb. Allan

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