A Somewhat Meme-ingful Post – 15 Gleanings For You

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Greetings Gracious Readers,

Here’s the haps:

While we all know that the Internet is full of fakes and phonies it’s nice to meet someone who is exactly what they represent themselves to be. One of those passed through our fair town and treated Mrs. Herb and me to dinner with their family. It was very refreshing. If they post about it (they were thinking they didn’t want to for a couple of reasons) then I’ll drop a name and a link.


  1. Hmmm, I wonder what happened in 1538. Is that the year Columbus came to America?

    Your vegan joke is sooooooo accurate. That’s the problem of being a vegan (or trying to be a vegan like me). I try to seek meat flavor in vegan food, and feel very deprived when that is not possible. Last night at midnight, I opened the fridge and couldn’t find anything I want to eat. I almost had a mini existential crisis.

      • Haha, yes, I thought Columbus brought it with him in one of his ships. LOL. Wow, Henry VII. Is he the father of the king who killed all his wives? I guess if you are a king, women just want to marry you at the risk of getting their head chopped off.

        • lol. I typed that in wrong, I’m sorry. It was Henry VIII and his reign was 1509 to 1547. Although Columbus did introduce cattle to the West Indies on his second voyage in 1493.

  2. Actually my mind was not in a good state but after reading your memes it seems to be probably good keep posting such posts because in today’s times we need such posts.👍

  3. I loved all of these. My first takeaways: Thomas Sowell is a national treasure, and there is no doubt that the sandwich was made with Velveeta.

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