Blogging A – Z Challenge 2022: L is for Languishing Licorice Lollipops Lurking in the Lagoon and International Moment of Laughter Day

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22712 – 962

Here’s the haps:

My system is very sensitive to pills and medicines so when I take anything I get foggy and crabby and sleepy. I have osteoarthritis in my thumbs, degenerative discs in my neck, a bum knee, a bad hip, etc. Most of the time they don’t all gang up on me but there is a change in the weather and I did some extra tasks at work that I don’t have to do very often and so I needed to take something a little stronger (that my doc has prescribed) than I usually do. I don’t usually talk about this stuff, especially here, because I know that many of my audience suffer from a lot worse afflictions. And really, most of the time it’s not something I want to talk about. I only talk about it now to explain where my fog tonight comes from.

This is also International Moment of Laughter Day. One of the suggested activities is to, “Laugh out loud at nothing at all.” Here’s your chance. No punchline or moral or anything, just some llame alliterations.

So, sitting here with Mrs. Herb and TNT I decided to ask them what I should write about. “Give me some ‘L’ words,” I said, expecting perhaps things like love or life, which probably would have been too deep for me to attempt from where I am at the moment. But no, what I got or rather turned it into was:

The large, lemon-yellow labradoodle that thought he was a lap dog laughed at the people languishing even though they had licorice lollipops while lurking in the lagoon. “Look out!” Cried Llarry the Llama, “You’ll level the human, sitting on him like that.” The lemon-yellow labradoodle leaped down and licked Lloyd the human, whom he liked, almost drowning him in saliva. Lloyd stroked Llarry’s neck and said to Lester, the lemon-yellow labradoodle, “I’ll give you a liver treat later. Let’s leave these losers.” And so they departed the lagoon, leaving the languishing lot to suffer whatever fate people who eat licorice lollipops suffer.


  1. There is always laughter lurking when you loop us in on your life, which is always spent in licit locations, even in Louisiana or the Land of Lincoln. I wonder if you would be less lucid on laudnum or liquor? Likely.

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