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All this time I thought our government was doing nothing but wasting time and boy was I wrong. While you would expect governments to take on minor problems, like Russians bombing civilian hospitals and ignoring Geneva Conventions, targeting fleeing women and children. And while the Taliban sits on eighty billion dollars worth of equipment we generously donated to them and their anti-American cause, with no thought of getting anything in return because we’re so nice like that. Gas prices that are out of control with no stopping in sight. No, none of this minor, petty stuff for our government. Why, they have been on a mission of such great import that they haven’t taken a pause to catch their breath long enough to chastise another leader of a free country who has been beating and bullying his own people because they drove to their capitol and honked their horns. Did they bother to mess around with such banal issues as whether Putin’s actions and Biden’s inactions will embolden China to invade Taiwan with impunity? Or holding the Chinese government accountable for its unconscionable human rights violations including the use of slave labor to manufacture goods for American companies?

No! These minor, petty distractions did not stop their resolve to accomplish a great and noble task. Today, March the Fiteenth, Twenty Twenty-two, the Senate of the United States of America unanimously (let that sink in, unanimously) passed the Sunshine Protection Act. If it passes it will mean that our whole country will be on Daylight Savings Time permanently, never again to worry about whether to spring forward or fall back. No more setting and resetting of the clock, which is already on Daylight Saving Time eight months out of the year.

This is how it works. A very clear explanation of how laws are (meant to be) made in the United States.


  1. Herb, I feel for Americans. I read your post and also commented on Archon Den’s. America can do better for its citizens and being a global shining beacon for all.

    • I was actually kind of amazed that a house of congress is still capable of passing a simple bill on a single subject. I thought all they did now was pass bills far too long and complex for anyone to read that includes hundreds of topics smashed together and costs more money than we used to spend on the annual defense budget.

      I am so sick of the stupid idea of changing clocks twice a year that I don’t really care anymore whether we stop the music during daylight or standard time.

      But your points are good ones.

  2. January 6th didn’t just have people driving to the capitol and honking horns! Beating police with American flags, vandalizing the capitol, and erecting a gallows while yelling to “Hang Mike Pence” cannot be tolerated by any government. Have you not seen the footage of the fighting on January 6th? People died at the capitol that day. The world watched it live, and it was terrifying. Several members of Trump’s cabinet resigned within a day of January 6th because what Trump inspired was so completely anti-American.

    • I believe you might be mistaken in your thought process of the portion of Herb referring to “another leader of a free country” being about Trump, here, in OUR country. I kinda think he was referring to Ottawa … I read his post as being more so how here, now, in OUR country, it seems that our ‘leaders’ haven’t really addressed much more serious issues happening in our world, in other countries yet are overjoyed at their unanimous decision on Daylight Savings Time being stopped. Seems a bit petty in comparison to other more pressing matters and I agree with his frustration!

    • AJ McGregor, If I read correctly, this describes the Ottawa protests.
      Perhaps Herb Thiel misspoke when he called Canada a free country.

      This is what I read about “honking horns.”

      “Why, they have been on a mission of such great import that they haven’t taken a pause to catch their breath long enough to chastise another leader of a free country who has been beating and bullying his own people because they drove to their capitol and honked their horns. ”

      I may be wrong though.

    • No apologies are necessary, you just needed another cup of coffee, is all. As to Jan 6th, lawbreakers are lawbreakers although some parties have used it to try to gain further political advantage, like claiming they were in fear for their life when they weren’t even present anywhere near where it was all going on.

      • Thanks, Herb. For the records, I can’t stand Trudeau. He created that whole situation by putting in the stupid mandate on truckers months and months after the beginning of the pandemic, so the timing alone made no sense. He was a drama teacher, and he’s still creating drama to get political attention. It’s disgusting.

        • That explains a few things, really. As all of these guys come under more and more pressure I think we will see what they are all made of.

  3. I’m on Scott’s email list, so when he sent one out about this, I replied:
    “Dear Senator Scott.
    “While I deeply appreciate your leadership on conservative issues in the Senate, this is one boondoggle that is meaningless!
    “You won’t “protect sunshine,” you won’t save any energy, you won’t get congress to act, other than to act like they’re doing something important while wasting our tax dollars.
    “The only thing correct in this email is “Changing the clock twice a year is outdated and unnecessary”
    “See https://capost2k.wordpress.com/2021/03/13/cant-congress-find-anything-more-stupid-to-do/ for how stupid this is.

    “What is the advantage of making DST PERMANENT!? Are people such sheep that they cannot get out of bed at the time they want to with the normal setting on the clock?
    “I fully agree that DST should be done away with, which is what “permanentizing” effectively does, but why not just do away with DST in November when we go back to “normal” time?
    “The lunacy that first foisted this insanity on America (and thus spread to much of the world, but not all) is the result of people thinking the government should regulate every detail of their lives.

    “If we’re going to permanently change time, let’s move the clock forward FIVE hours. That way we can all sleep in till noon!! This is how inane this proposal is.
    “Dump DST once and for all in November and stop trying to pretend you can protect sunshine. Doh.
    yours with common sense,
    mr. c.a.post”

  4. The 80 billion dollars of equipment – I researched this a while back and from what I could find it is true that over a span of 20 years, the U.S. spent about $83 billion to train and equip military forces in Afghanistan. Actual equipment and transportation was far less than that – in the $18 billion range. The U.S. military removed about 70 plane loads of equipment during withdrawal and destroyed or disabled as much equipment as possible that couldn’t be removed. Without proper maintenance or operator knowledge, it is hard to say how useful most of the remaining equipment will be.

  5. Doesn’t it say something though that 100 Senators believe that they have the power to dictate what time it is? This goes along with what I’ve written about regarding those who equate power and truth. What is more ridiculous than a bunch of grown adults proclaiming that noon is actually 1 O’Clock just because they say it is? I don’t care about time, but I do care about truth. While some things about the way we measure time are arbitrary, there are certain things which are not. Midnight and high noon are real things which the United States Senate cannot change through an act of legislation regardless of how much they want to pretend that they can. Rather than making daylight savings time permanent it needs to be abolished. It is not the job of the government to alter scientific reality, and the implications of such an action are somewhat frightening. End rant.

  6. Huh! I didn’t realize the Simpsons parody (about “an amendment-to-be”) was a parody of an actual Schoolhouse Rock number. (I still find the Simpsons one more memorable.)

    • If I recall correctly you may not have grown up in the Seventies. Schoolhouse Rock episodes were played every Saturday morning with the cartoons, so there may be a twinge of sentimentality.

  7. Ever hear of the end times? Ever hear of one world government? Ever hear it’s rude to make fun of your elders? Oh i forgot that’s what everybody does nowadays, let’s all join in

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