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I know many of you that follow this blog also follow my son’s blog, Brother’s Campfire, and are very concerned because you care about my son and his wife. I apologize but I have about the same amount of knowledge as you all do. This is because he has been spending every minute he humanly can with her and not bothering to blog (Who would?). To give news on our tribal group text would just be too cumbersome. I know very little, next to nothing, actually, and it really is not my story to tell anyway. But there are hundreds, perhaps thousands by now, of people who are praying for her and it has been helping. I feel it would probably be okay to say things are much more hopeful than hopeless but it is a VERY incredibly serious situation and definitely an uphill climb. Thank you for praying for her and please remember to pray for him and my two grandchildren as well.


    • Oh for goodness sake! I thought we had the email problem fixed. Thanks for letting me know.
      Better check his actual site for info while I work on it.

      • For the record, i never marked his site as spam. Because I would check my spam folder. So I hope the post on his blog wasn’t aimed at me. I have been subscribing for the longest time never shows up in post notification either. The only way I can see the blog is if I check the reader directly or change the setting to weekly as opposed to daily.

  1. Life is full of tragedy and sometimes miracles. You will occasionally hear nonsensical philosophy that claims you can’t know good without also knowing bad. But even Genesis contradicts that. Adam & Eve couldn’t be tempted with something that was beyond their comprehension, regardless of their inability to grasp just how badly God would react, and what life would be like as a result. They knew only good in Eden. But they were not ignorant. The gift and course of human intelligence is to grasp even that which we have not experienced. But this is also to say, if life feels too often like tragedy, we have the ability to appreciate the miracles all the more for it. Even in the midst of tragedy, miracles are not a balm. They wait patiently. They’re there even when we don’t see them. That’s God in a nutshell, too. When we’re ready, we will see them again. That’s the true nature of the world. It is full of abject wonder.

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