NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month – Day 4 – Busy With A Toddler

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Here’s the haps:

Sorry, folks, but We have a two-year-old and his baby sister visiting which will cause this to be a brief post. I didn’t want to skip a night so I will share with you a baker’s dozen of memes I like that I have found floating around the internet as memes are, by their nature, wont to do. Many of these I found on but other places as well. Please enjoy.


  1. I booked marked your page so that I can come back to enjoy it once again. Especially love the first one. Hahaha. So clever. Love duck eggs and now I love them even more, knowing this.

  2. My sister’s dog once found an apple in a plastic bag I had in my jacket pocket in the other room, carried it over to me, and clearly the idea was for me to give it to him as a reward. He was disappointed that day…

  3. The one with the diet wagon wouldn’t be so funny if I had not done the same thing myself more than once. But it’s easier to just skip to the cupcakes part.

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