Where Ya At, Herb?

Where Ya At, Herb?

Herb August 30, 2021

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22487 – 857:

Here’s the haps:

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been on the computer but it’s been actual work. My wife has an external hard drive with almost 3tb (terabytes, not tablespoons) of data including many unique and original graphic collections. This drive went belly-up the other day, saying, “This drive is corrupt.” Over the last week I have learned an awful lot about partitions and storage and, on the plus side, how to use a Linux system to recover data which meant making a dual-boot system without losing all the other data on the computer. It’s been quite an educational, if time-consuming experience. But I do have several posts in the works including a couple of stories from the Art Vegan/Joe Burger world and a couple of reviews. I also have a couple of little stories from down on the farm and am still working on the bigger writing projects. Since I haven’t been posting everyday time slips away from me.

49 thoughts on “Where Ya At, Herb?

    1. It’s the afterwards that I want, lol. There is a very slight difference in taste in some brands but modern decaf generally has pretty good taste. Caffeine does have a flavor of its own, however.

  1. Impressive that you could figure out a work-around!
    My computer crashed a few years ago and the techs couldn’t recover the hard drive. I hadn’t done a back up for about a month. After that, I started doing back-ups more often to two external drives! I call it the ‘belt and suspenders’ way of doing things. I know many people have their back-up in the ‘cloud’ but even a cloud could fail, I suppose.

  2. I love the picture I am a tea drinker but I watch people and when Decaf comes out you’d think somebody was trying to kill them. Remember don’t learn too much Folks will rely on you and thats just terrible.

    Laugh everyday, It’s as necessary as food

    1. No worries. I only know enough to get into trouble over my head, usually.
      Do you drink herbal, decaffeinated tea or black tea which has a bit of caffeine?

  3. Honestly, Herb, I would need therapy with that kind of a computer situation. It’s impressive that you handled it. I also know you’re a man who doesn’t swear, but I’m thinking it must have been a temptation at times. 😊

    1. lol. Yes, the temptation is there sometimes but I try to control myself. And quote Shakespeare. He has some really good lines. “I’ll beat thee but I’d infect my hands!”
      or I was really feeling, “Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee.” “I scorn you, scurvy companion.”

    1. I hope you’re right. Thanks for the follow, by the way. Anyone who understands that the real reason aliens would come to visit is pizza must be a person of special intelligence.

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