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Here’s the haps:

Once upon a while ago, I’m not sure exactly when, a couple of lads were growing up together in a Greek neighborhood in a large city. These two lads were fast friends. Their names were Euripides and Eumenides. As is often the case they parted ways as they grew older. Euripides went on to become a very rich and famous celebrity while Eumenides took over his aging father’s tailor shop.

Many years went by and one day a limousine pulled up right in front of the tailor shop. A man got out with a pair of torn trousers and entered. The tailor looked up from his work and saw who it was and shouted, “Euripides? Euripides?” To which the man replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Eumenides?”


  1. I have to search and search. And finally get it. That is fun. I wonder if I can use the same philosophy on Asian names, but alas, Asian names are too short for this kind of story.

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