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Here’s the haps:

I finished my documentation for the Division of Insurance complaint and sent it off. Now I will be going with my son, two of my teenage grandsons, and our church’s men’s group for our annual Father & Son Men’s Campout. We were unable to hold it last year. If you are used to me coming by your place, liking, and commenting don’t be alarmed I still like you I will just be up in the mountains. 38.963265,-105.454804 are the coordinates or the link below the map then you can see the satellite view if you are so inclined.



      • Thanks! Looks like you could just swing up here for a visit. It’s 8 hours away. 🙂

        I tried to book us a campsite by a lake this year after we enjoyed that so much last year, but clearly everyone else is getting out, too. :/

  1. Have a great time. Wish you all the best with all your outdoor activities. Are you going to have cell phone signals at the camping place?

  2. I like father son time and church time better than I like camping time, so I wish you well but won’t wish for trading places. Besides, you’re surely back by now.

  3. Hi Herb! I’ve found my way here through Random Raiders.
    Glad that you were able to make the trip this year – too many things have been put on hold.
    The map link did not work.

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