My Internet is Down

My Internet is Down

Herb April 25, 2021

No Herbdate

Here’s the haps:

My Internet has been down off and on all day so some of the interesting conversations I have been having with you all are interrupted.

Is this a First World problem or what?

25 thoughts on “My Internet is Down

  1. Something like that is ssssooooo frustrating. It’s awful dealing with a machine because you can’t reason with it to get it working, and if you kick it, it might never work again. Good luck.

    1. lol. Thanks. And their app only told me, “there is an outage in your area. A technician is looking into the problem and we hope to have it resolved soon.” Soon as in all day.

  2. Did you forget to wind up the modem? Sometimes I have to use the car crank to restart things. (Like 40/50 times a day). Yes, it’s a first world thing.

  3. Hopefully by the time you see this message your internet is up and stable. Have a great day/night and remain safe.

  4. Hopefully by the time you see this message your internet is stable. Per my previous reply disregard the word “Up”; obviously it is up if you are reading this (LOL)

    1. lol. It’s frustrating because we rely on it so much to get things done. But you’re right. It was a gift of time.

    1. I used to have the operator tell me that when I was calling my wife long-distance from a payphone. Well, maybe not quite so much money.

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