Blogging A – Z Challenge 2021: M Is For Managing And Moving Media And Memes Fit For Throw-It-Back Thursday

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22350 – 815:

Here’s the haps:

Being self-hosted and using the WordPress software as my blogging platform I am not constrained by the limitations WP free users or even people on WordPress Hosting are. I am stating this based on what I have been told by others. Anyway, whatever the case, I have a lot of media files, some of which I re-use frequently, like the Throw-It-back Thursday guy below or Herb thinks I’m Special and I wind up scrolling through over 1200 files to find the one I want. I found a program to help organize some of these files into folders. It’s a WordPress Plugin called Filebird Lite and makes it easy to sort and find my media files without changing their names or messing up the posts they are already connected to. I’m using the lite version as I don’t think that, for my purposes, I need all the Pro features just yet.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE puns, the groan-ier the better. And I love jokes and cartoons. I think memes are pretty much visual jokes like cartoons and these are some of my favorite cartoons and memes. The memes float around the Internet and the cartoons I use are by a license agreement on the artists’ websites or as part of a subscription. A couple of them are dated but I still like them.


  1. I have had mornings where the Papa John garlic sauce in the Keureg would have been an improvement. As a relative of mine used to say, the day started bad then tapered off. 🙂

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