Blogging A – Z Challenge 2021: A Is For April Fools’ Day – Followed By A PSA – All On A Throw It Back Thursday

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Here’s the haps:

Actually, I’ve never been able to pull off very successful pranks for April Fools’ Day. My Oldest Granddaughter, et al., on the other hand, is really pretty good at it. You can see some of the stuff they pulled last year on my son’s blog over at Brother’s Campfire in the post, I Am The April Fool. I love jokes and stories and puns but I just don’t have the knack for the practical joke. When Oldest GrandDaughter was telling me about a couple of her ideas for this year I promised not to tell. If they come out good I’m sure you’ll see them over there on Ben’s blog.

Back in the olden days of blogging, when I first started in October 2004, there was a promising blogging platform called Blog Drive. This blog started there as a free site and at first, it was a burgeoning, thriving community but after a few years of bad service, many of us left for other platforms. I had been itching since before I started my blog to make a website of my own, and this blog is actually a subdirectory of it. While I was on BD I met a lot of fun and interesting people and we became kind of a community and on April Fools’ Day, we would write in each others’ blogs and be silly. That might be something some of us should think about for next year… Anyway, with the advent of MySpace followed by FakeBook a lot of people kind of disappeared from the blogging scene. My wife and I were on FB for a few months several, several years ago and then got rid of social media altogether and have never missed it. Some people may argue that blogging is social media but I have complete control of the content and I can control the comments if I have to. I have such an intelligent and polite bunch of readers that even when they don’t agree with me they still keep a civil tongue in their head. So to speak. I have never had to edit or delete a comment (other than spam, of course).



  1. My car has four They are really trying to keep track of me.. Speaking of April fools jokes I wrote about one last year. I hope you enjoy it. If I am out of line erase the comment
    Laughter is contagious. Start a Pandemic

    • lol. You’re not out of line at all. I went to look at it and remembered reading it when you first posted it. Great stuff, daughters.

  2. You know, I’ve never done practical jokes either, but there was a period in my life where I thought leaping out of closets and scaring people was funny.

  3. A timely PSA. It took me a bit to figure it out. The first one I cut caused the tire to go flat. Second one too. After the third one I had it figured out – nanotechnology devices in the air itself. Anyway thanks because now that contaminated air is gone from all my tires. If you post this again, it would be good to make it more clear so people don’t do this in a fast food drive thru in a sketchy area at lunchtime like I did. I got an awful beating by a half dozen big hungry guys who got stuck in line behind me before the tow truck came. I’ll be out of the hospital tomorrow, just in time for the court date on the instigating a riot charge. Anyway, thanks again for the timely and useful tip.

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