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I went and got the glasses fixed today. They’ve really made a big difference, I found out. My wife describes it as someone taking a dirty, warped windowpane out and putting in a clean, clear new one. Her eyes are far worse than mine so when she had gone without her glasses for a long time and then got new glasses a few years ago it was pretty dramatic. My eyes got tired driving up to the other side of town without them and I felt relaxed and could really see the difference driving back.

So it was an okay day but I am really tired. Tomorrow is another day. I hope it won’t turn out like:


  1. Great news about your glasses. My eyes have been fading since Christmas and I’m doing without my reading glasses which have become useless. So I’m living in fuzzyland at present. Looking forward to getting new glasses sometime soon! Well done Herb! Glad the clarity is returning.

  2. Glad you were able to get them fixed. They do make a difference. I was near-sighted for many years and required glasses for driving, etc. When I turned 40, suddenly I could see from a distance and could not see six inches from my face! 😂 I traded in the regular glasses for reading glasses only.

    Welcome to the “Glasses Club.” 🤓 It is exclusive membership only, many consider it a privilege to be in the club. 🤣😂🤣

  3. Glad to hear you got them fixed Herb. I got my glasses 5 years ago and I couldn’t believe the difference, everything was so nice and clear again. I really didn’t think my eyes were that bad, but it sure is nice to see even though sometimes glasses can be a bit of a pain too.

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