The Sixty-Plus Club!

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Here’s the haps:

Yes, today I turned 61 and so now I am officially “over-sixty.”

Kids and grandkids and my younger sister came to greet me and wish me well with pizza, cake, ice cream, and cards. It was really nice. Everyone laughed at my sister’s joke about getting the fire extinguisher ready. The whole bunch of us have pretty good senses of humor. My youngest daughter brought me a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola with a roll of Necco Wafers and a roll of giant Smarties, three of my favorite things.

The day started out great because today was also “Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day.” So I did.

I told my grandchildren that on this birthday I get the option of counting backward. I will be 59 today and 58 next year, etc. Why they didn’t believe me I couldn’t guess. My teenage granddaughter said, “We’re the same age, Grandpa. I’m 16 and you’re 61. It’s the same number, just switched.”

My sister’s card.
Good Night.


  1. Happy Birthday! I didn’t realise we were restricted to only eating ice-cream for breakfast on one day. That seems like a policy that we should revisit.

  2. Congatulations on 61. Gotcha by 10 years. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to see your urologist and get that PSA checked. Early prostate cancer is usually well controlled if detected early.

  3. Happy Birthday you old dog. They didn’t have to declare a day to have Ice Cream for breakfast I do it all the time. Of course you’re more responsible than me. May 61 be everything 19 was but with more experience Have a great day

    Don’t stop Laughing

  4. Happy Birthday Herb! One thing they don’t tell you about creeping age is that your hips are no longer good enough to hang your trousers on, so they’ll start falling down unless you get suspenders. Wearing trousers is the bane of an older gentleman’s life. The best way is not to wear any at all.

  5. A belated but very Happy Birthday to you Herb! Ice cream for breakfast is a great way to begin a birthday! Hope you had a great time!😀😺🌞🥳🎈🎆🎇🎁🎂🍨🍦

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Herb. Is it wrong of mean to point out that I am, and always will be, one year ahead of you. Mind you, last year was so crap, I’m sure you won’t want it. Have a brilliant year! 😊

  7. Belated Happy Birthday! It’s such a shock when we realize that most people think of us as being rather “old”. It’s even a great shock when we start feeling “old” physically. I don’t think we ever feel “old” mentally. At any rate, I keep telling myself, the lucky ones get “old”. (I also believe it.)

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