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Dear Fans, Friends, Fiends, Foes, Foundlings, Fashionistas, and Escaped Laboratory Rats,

Greetings, salutations and hi there. I have been feeling puny these last few days and got a test for Covid, which turned out to be positive. Thankfully I haven’t had it nearly as bad as a lot of people I know have, but it has zapped me pretty thoroughly. It was only a matter of time of course before I got it since everyone else had it already. I don’t have much to say at the moment because I am feeling tired and groggy but I didn’t want you to feel abandoned.

I do want to impart some wisdom or something so I must ask the philosophical question that has been on the minds of humanity since, er, well, Earlier today. Not all humanity, really, just my reasonable facsimile of being a human. Anyway, what I want to know is, if you see a robbery at an Apple Store does that make you an iWitness?


  1. I’ve only just caught up with you and the dreaded lurgy. Glad it’s not getting you put in a box – just yet. Get well soon Herb. Get onto federal property asap as your president has issued an edict that on Federal Property it is not the Wuhan or Chinese virus. One couldn’t wish for a faster cure.

    • lol. I will endeavour to hasten my recovery time. Fortunately I live in an are with five military installations within 30 miles so I can merely have Covid-19.

    • Daughter has improved but still needs physical therapy and has to make decisions about her course of treatment. I haven’t been as sick as everyone else, so that’s a blessing.

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