Bonus Post – The Slave-Free Business Certification Act – More About China and Apple’s Supplier Lens Technology

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As you may remember, I have been a proponent of The Slave-Free Business Certification Act, Senate Bill S. 4241 and House Bill H.R. 7824, and have written about it on these pages before. In fact, I have just now created a new category called Slave-Free Business Certification because I haven’t given up on the idea and plan to do more posts. If you click either link to the bill (it’s identical in the House and Senate) you will find a fairly easy to read and understand document. Maybe that’s part of the problem, but it simply requires companies making more than $500,000,000 in gross receipts worldwide to audit their supply trails. I haven’t forgotten about the treatment the Uighur Muslims are receiving in Xianjang including forced sterilizations and abortions. ASPI:Uyghurs for sale and China cuts Uighur births with IUDs, abortion, sterilization are two articles I have referred to in the past. After the new Congress is seated I will be contacting my various representatives and senators again and will find out who is on these committees and e-mail all of the members as well.

In the meantime, what stirred me up on this again was a news article that I read this morning about one of Apple’s main suppliers in China, Lens Technology. The article is here. As I said, I plan to revisit the subject again and I hope that my readers in the United States will follow my lead and contact these committees and their elected officials. If you live in a free country I hope you will consider bringing this issue to the attention of the proper people there. If you live in one of these oppressive countries, especially Communist China, there are people thinking about you and praying for you and doing what little bits we can.

An interesting aside about Communist China is their treatment of dissidents in Hong Kong. One recent example is 19 year old Tony Chung being sentenced to 4 months in prison for disrespecting the flag but there are many others.


  1. Thanks for continuing to put a spotlight on this. I fear, however, that asking these countries to audit themselves is a little beside the point. They know exactly what’s happening on the other end; it’s literally why they’re doing it that way, to “save money,” “simplify the business.” But they will always deny any such knowledge. It’s not about auditing but regulation, and that would, well, it would take somebody with guts like Teddy Roosevelt to even consider. We don’t have anyone remotely like him at the moment.

    • Well you and me don’t like it, and I know I’d like to do something about it. Sounds like you would too, and I know Herb would. So that’s three of us that are remotely like Teddy Roosevelt.

      • I hadn’t seen this comment yet but I did say that perhaps many little Americans can equal one great one like Teddy Roosevelt. if my 200+ followers each did something and encouraged their followers to…well…who knows?

    • Perhaps we don’t have any Teddy Roosevelts but if just the 200 plus readers I have would contact their representatives and senators and these committee members I think it could have a small impact. Perhaps many little Americans together could equal one great one like Teddy Roosevelt.

      • I think the greatness of Teddy Roosevelt was that he was willing to stand up for what he believed in, and I think he would have stood up for those things whether or not he was President.

        • I agree. He had that all-too-rare quality in a politician, integrity. He knew his beliefs and lived by them, no matter what. I’ve always liked him and we could do well with someone like him.

  2. We allow these companies far too much leeway. I didn’t even know this was an issue you wrote about; I followed you over here from Dumbestblogger’s site. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us informed, Herb. It’s a shame that some of these tech companies don’t seem to care about the Human Rights violations that go on over in China- they only care about the almighty dollar. In my not-so-humble opinion, businesses should have no further dealings with China and the CCP. I will definitely get in contact with my congressman and bring up the issue.

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