Good(-ish) Report

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22211 – 765:

Here’s the haps:

The good part first followed by the equivocating “-ish”.

The stress test, as I said previously, had an abnormality on it. Several professionals looked at it and said, “Yup. She needs an angiogram.” So today they did the angiogram, not realizing the power of prayer, of course, and found nothing at all wrong. Nothing wrong with her heart. Period (for those of you on the other side of the lake or underneath the lake, full-stop). End of paragraph.

Now the -ishy part. As they were deciding that she should go home, her oxygen kept dropping. In Colorado, the minimum reading is supposed to be at least 90. She keeps dropping into the low seventies. Why? We don’t know. Because. Well, hmm…It’s her oxygen dropping that’s causing all these other problems, maybe. What’s causing her oxygen to drop? Umm…maybe all this stuff happening? The bottom line is that they decided she could go home…with oxygen and an appointment with a lung doctor, again. A bruised up arm from having the angiogram thing-a-ma-jig (Sorry, I only know the technical term, but a thing-a-ma-jig is a lot like a whatsit if that helps) run up her vein into her heart. She has to wait a few days before she can lift too much with the arm.

So now we have an oxygen concentrator and tanks and such like paraphernalia at the house, and, of course, Mrs. Herb, which brings us back to the good part of the report.

I will be back a bit later to answer comments but I do want to thank you all for your prayers and kind words.


  1. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious and good that the stress test didn’t show anything, could just be one of those age anomalies. By the way, oxygen dropping is one of the problems with covid, so your wife is probably in the risk group now. Here in Europe they’re recommending vitamin D for preventive measures, which also works for other diseases. So if you can afford to, try to take up to 2000 vitamin D units per day for a while, just in case. Everyone we had in the IC unit here was vitamin D deficient and it’s one of those vitamins we apparently don’t get enough of in regular life, even if you’re out in the sun a lot, so it can’t do anything but good.

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