Printer Support Woes

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22179 – 749:

The printer is very important for what my wife does. It’s an Epson ET-2750 and is supposed to support borderless printing and in fact, worked well for a long time. We liked that instead of cartridges it uses ink tanks. Suddenly having all sorts of trouble with borderless printing. So I called the number on their website. After 3 hours 37 minutes and 9 seconds on the phone, I found out that my printer doesn’t work.

I felt quite like Arthur Dent waiting in various phone queues. In fact at one point as I doggedly pushed through I told my wife, “I’m getting good at this waiting in line business. I should have been born British.”

I will tell you more about it at a different time but I have to leave for work soon, now. Since I’ll be working until 11:30 tonight I doubt I’ll finish anything worth reading. Plus, there are several blogs I want to visit on my regular rounds.

Sorry, but them’s the haps with Herb.


  1. A bold claim about your queuing credentials. It’s the big leagues over here my friend. Still, I admire your confidence and I’m going to give you a shot. You are going to need to work on your tutting though – don’t even think about entering a British queue without an accomplished tut in your locker.

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