Very Extra Special Bonus Post

Very Extra Special Bonus Post

Herb September 18, 2020

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22141 – 712:

14 thoughts on “Very Extra Special Bonus Post

  1. Well, ok. But technically the post doesn’t cause the fence. Technically you would have to put several other posts in place, and then string wires or put boards in between them. It’s similar to the theory of whether the gun shoots someone, or is merely used as a tool by an individual who pulls the trigger. And when you really come down to it, is there any great harm in causing a fence? I would argue no. In fact, a fence which is properly placed at the correct location can be a very good thing indeed. Suffice it to say that I take serious issue with the philosophy conveyed by this post. In fact, I find myself slightly offended.

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