Award Winning Wednesday – Andi Diehn At Arrowheads Up The Hill

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This is a blog I found by clicking one of those links that the WPReader adds at the bottom of a post, “More On” and sometimes, I would say, often, the blogs they take you to are really nothing like what you just finished reading and are a waste of time. But not always. This one caught my eye because the photo showed handwriting done with a fountain pen. You know I love fountain pens and writing and the handwriting in the picture was that of a bygone era when you wrote your letters properly or the teacher rapped your knuckles with a ruler. You could actually read the writing by itself.

This blog is really very unique because what Andi Diehn has done in the Arrowheads Up The Hill blog is to take the journals of her great-grandfather, Jesse Brewer, who was an amateur archaeologist and transcribe them to the corresponding date with a picture of the page. These are what I call “daybooks” but it really doesn’t matter. The man just kept a daily record of his life in a small town in Maine.

One of the things I noticed about this blog is that, while Andi Diehn is an author and a senior editor at Nomad Press, she doesn’t use this blog to promote herself. It really is a day-to-day account as written by her great-grandfather from, I believe she says somewhere, from 1939 to 1949. She is currently in September 1944. Mr. Brewer was a “carekeeper” for the Ralph Hornblower estate and this is simply a day-to-day account of his life.

Of course (obviously?), she can do anything or nothing at all as she wants to with this award, there are no strings attached, no questions to answer, no linkbacks to make or other blogs to tag, but simply, I am offering the “Herb likes this blog and would like to have coffee with this blogger sometime,” award to Arrowheads Up The Hill by Andi Diehn.


  1. Hey, thanks! I just discovered this – I didn’t mean to ignore your award for so long! Thank you for reading Arrowheads – it’s been an honor to get a glimpse of life back then through my great grandfather’s journals. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Thank you so much! It’s so cool to see the handwriting with a fountain pen and just read the day-to-day life happenings. I really enjoy it.

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