Award Winning Wednesday – Scott At Speaking Bipolar

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22132 – 703:

I’ve only just started to read and follow this blog over his last couple of posts but I think this is a blog deserving of recognition. Here is a man who has faced adversity on a couple of different fronts and talks about his personal struggles with Bipolar disorder and being a writer. He also tells about the various issues he’s faced from the loss of friends to this disease and depression that led them to suicide. Speaking Bipolar also addresses other mental health situations as well. He does use advertising and affiliate marketing to supplement and try to support his site but his disclosure is clear and on the main page.

He also deals with chronic illness in general and specifically. He has Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) and adds that to his list of things that he can help with. One of my personal favorite posts of his is “4 Things to Stop Saying to the Chronically Ill.” It reminded me of the things Tabitha went through when she suffered Lyme Disease.

My award does not require any back-links or answering a bunch of questions or finding a bunch of other bloggers to tag. He can put it in a post or place it on his blog, link to me if he wants, or do nothing whatsoever with it, but I am offering the “Herb likes this blog and would like to have coffee with this blogger sometime,” award to the interesting, intelligent, understanding Scott at Speaking Bipolar.


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