Award Winning Wednesday – You, My Readers

Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22118-689:

As this feature has become more and more a spotlight on blogs I like and know and trust; blogs I would not be ashamed for people to know I read, I try to take careful thought on where to send you. This started out as kind of a tongue-in-cheek answer to replace all the goofy fake awards out there with something meaningful but in doing so I have also tried to only share the classiest of blogs that I follow. My own personal criteria are that I don’t care for blogs that feature a lot of double-entendre and innuendo. I don’t care for a lot of cussing, as I have posted elsewhere, Profanity is not a sign of intelligence. You may have a brilliant mind full of extraordinary thoughts, but if you have to punctuate it with a cuss word or two every sentence to emphasize your point I can only think your points aren’t all that much that they can’t stand on their own.

So far I have presented seven blogs in this feature which I think are high quality and I am not ashamed to endorse. They are:
Gerry O’Brien Photography
Erratic Engineeress
Pacific Paratrooper
Chateau Cherie
James Proclaims
Into the Light Adventures
The Lonely Meatball
And there are more to come.

I have also given the “Herb Thinks I’m Special” award to the Dumbest Blog Ever which, if you read it regularly, you will discover is really not a very accurate name. I have this award in the wings for a couple of other blogs that are a good fit and good in their own special way but may not suit every reader.

And there are many more to come, but tonight the winners I’m focusing on are you, my beloved readers. I have a very diverse group of people who read my blog and what is a blog without readers? You all come from (and this is just the little bit I know) a lot of walks of life. There are construction workers, bankers, financial gurus, preachers, engineers, students, teachers, Sunday School teachers, scientists, prison guards, political figures, professional writers, musicians, music writers, other bloggers, and a plethora of poets. Sometimes it’s kind of intimidating to know that there are so many intelligent people reading my stuff. And you all say such nice things. Did you know that I love it when you comment? A lot of people have been following me for quite a while, since before I began using Word Press and many times I get comments in person by friends and family and members of the Thiel Tribe who are present. There are some of you who have read every post from the beginning. This is very humbling. Thank you.

Amongst you who are counted as followers(usually by the Word Press program), there are those who never comment because you are just spammers and scammers, and some of you even belong in the slammer. Sometimes they set up bogus blogs and scroll through the reader at high speed, liking and following everybody in the hope of getting some traffic to their site. This award is not for them, however. This award is for you, gentle readers, Who have stuck with me faithfully. You guys are welcome to visit Thiel Haus and have a cup of coffee.


  1. That’s sweet! I’ve enjoyed each recommendation so far and thanks for re-listing your previous award winners so that I can check them out.
    Here’s a cup of joe for you! ☕️

  2. For the record : I do enjoy each of your posts. I seldom comment on any of the blogs I follow, no real reason why I reckon. Just thought I might pass on this note to let you know that I’m not one of the afore mentioned and I enjoy your “dry” humor as it fits my own. Keep posting dear sir; and I shall keep reading and enjoying. Sincerely The Tin Cup Clan.

  3. It’s funny how all of this works. I’ve told people around me little tidbits that you have shared, like the horrible day you had coming home to Heyboy who had been sprayed by a skunk after you had spent a long day at the hospital. Everyone always groans in sympathy. In other words, you touch more than your readers.

    • Thank you so much. And I have a friend who reads the blog all the time and has never commented on here but talks to me about it every time he sees me. He talks to his wife and kids and friends about it.

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