All’s A Lot Better – Nice News – Much Thankfulness

Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22093-663:

I went to the hospital today to visit my wife and her oxygen was at 93 without assistance. And it got better as the day progressed and I was able to bring her home. That was one nice thing. While she’s not completely out of the woods she is more like her normal self and is improving.

On another front, for a different issue, while she was at the hospital she was able to speak with the top neurologist in the state of Colorado who said she definitely does not have Parkinson’s or MS. This was a beautiful thing, especially since we know the man’s reputation from some of Margaret’s previous patients. There are still unanswered questions, but this was a relief. This Doc has a great persona that he uses to make people feel at ease. He is a tall, grey-haired gentleman wearing a polo shirt, jeans, and carrying a black bag. (Yeah, like the old-time doctors in the movies, the black satchel with his name on a small, engraved brass plate, just beat up enough to show wear and tear.) Perhaps it’s quirky but he had an open and engaging style of explaining things. He did suggest she take a low dose of aspirin. “Yes, after all this time in the hospital and all these tests, you get an aspirin.”

One of our younger grandchildren had a bad anxiety about Grandmas and hospitals and he has to leave tomorrow so he was able to see Grand-mama was at home and okay. That was a good thing.

Hey-Boy smelled like a freshly bathed and shampooed dog instead of a skunk. For however long that will last.

The baby smelled like a freshly bathed and shampooed baby, too. For however long that will last.

I had one of my favorite dinners this evening, breakfast. 3 eggs over medium and American biscuits and gravy. Since I have readers who use English English rather than American English, I thought I’d clarify about the biscuits. As much as I love butter cookies I can’t even imagine pouring sausage gravy on them.

Then there were also a veritable plethora of comments, well-wishes, good vibes and especially prayers that went out on behalf on my wife in the form of comments on the blog, e-mails, and texts. Thank you all.


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