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Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22085-655:

Today is one of those days when I don’t have a lot of time to spend writing a blog post. Sometimes things get away from me and then I look at the clock and go, “Uh-oh. You haven’t posted anything today.” But here I am.

I used a calculator I found at to figure out the number of days I’ve been breathing air which is the first part then the part after the dash is the number of the post. As I get time, energy, and inclination I will go through the past and update each post.

So, there’s that.


                  • I am tempted to post about it, might it’s embarrassing and it’ll make me look bad.
                    Tiny summary: I over dosed BIG TIME on the drug Acetaminophen without meaning to. I didn’t know it could be so deadly. So all day yesterday for some pain I was having, I took those pills constantly. I was babysitting two little kids this whole time At the time, I didn’t know I had over dosed because I didn’t read the bottle. I was experiencing: shaking, very cold feeling body temp throughout the whole body except my face which was very hot and sweaty, awful pain everywhere, indescribable tiredness, barely could keep my eyes open, hungry but didn’t dare eat, headaches, etc… Again, I had no idea why I felt this way. I barely lived through the day, went shopping after working, got home, about passed out, and then my brother found out what I had done. He told my dad, and then I found out that I did something really bad! They were shocked and I got the “speech” I pretty much tried to kill myself without really wanting to. That scared me to death. I was afraid to go to sleep last night because my brother said if I would’ve gone to sleep while babysitting, I wouldn’t have waken up.
                    I just can’t believe I actually did that to myself, because my favorite thing to watch each morning on youtube is A&E Night watch live recuse with the ride-along in the EMS and I see them treat people with drug overdoses just like the one I was in. Freaky!

                    • Wow. Honestly, even though it might seem embarrassing, I think that if even one of your hundreds of followers learns something it might be worth it. Yeah, that was really bad.

                    • Even good people do dumb things sometimes. Just because it was a dumb thing to do (It wasn’t bad unless you were trying to hurt yourself, which you very well could have) doesn’t men you’re dumb or a bad person. You would be doing a good thing for your 900+ followers by telling about it. Especially what could have happened to you liver, your heart your brain if you had an aneurism. You can tell 900+ people to not do it. As I said, if even one learns and doesn’t do it, you have achieved much good from a really bad mistake.

                    • I wasn’t trying to at all!!!!

                      I don’t know if my mom will let me. She’s the one that reads my posts before they’re posted.

  1. I occasionally listen to a podcast that features a former Navy SEAL. He starts every show by stating the episode number. Never having been in the military myself, your numbering brings to mind his show.

      • He actually just numbers his episodes in a pretty standard format, but the first thing he does in each episode is to verbally announce the number. Your adding the number as a part of the text reminded me of it.

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