Take It From The Top – Cleaning My Desk – part the third

As I go through the things I have left on top of my desk I must make a quick mention of this sign. Miss Glenna would have enjoyed it immensely. I was walking through a store and saw this and laughed out loud and said, “I have to have this.” It’s my kind of snarky, sarcastic humor. And sometimes it’s a self-expression, meaning I should be on the receiving end just as often as not. I have tried to learn over the years that not everyone gets what sarcasm is and they will sometimes take me seriously and get hurt feelings, which is definitely not my intention. Carpenters have an expression, “Measure twice, cut once.” Sometimes I need to, “Think twice, speak once.”

Well, of course there are a few people who secretly enjoy my picking on them and if I’m nice to them they think there’s something wrong. Anyway, here’s the next item I have on my desk:


    • Nope. I’m right. You can only listen once. You can have a recording but the next time you listen to it you are hearing it from the new set of experiences created from the time you heard it first. You heard it. Now it’s in your brain. You play it back, but it’s already there. Anybody can listen before they speak, look at Job’s comforters, they listened to the same complaint over and over but they didn’t think and run it through the filter God gave them before they opened their mouth again.

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