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Award Winning Wednesday – Intro

The other day I gave a special award to the Dumbest Blogger. As I got to thinking about it after a while, I thought I could, in fact, create a blog award of my own. Not all this complicated nonsense with click-back and links and answer 947 questions and then create 947 new questions for the 57 bloggers you nominate. Don’t forget to go leave a comment on everyone’s blog that you nominated whether it’s appropriate or not. I am old enough to remember chain letters and their fax descendants which turned into e-mails that ended in a dire warning, something like, “Forward this e-mail to ten of your friends within the next twenty seconds or the fingers of your right hand will suffer terrible injury and your second cousin’s third goat will give birth to a three-headed kid.” Whoa! How did they know I had a second cousin who had a goat? The ones that really got my goat, er, so to speak, were the ones that said if you didn’t forward some inane drivel about some pseudo-patriotic nonsense that you really weren’t an American and you hate your country. I think that’s why you see more and more blogs with a little graphic that says, “Award-Free Blog.” These things seem to me to be, at the best, counter-productive and at the worst counter-intuitive. Oh, I’ve done a few in the past, but I’m not really into them that much. I still like the occasional tag questionnaire with no strings (or links) attached but that’s not the same thing.

So, I got to thinking about what I liked about getting the Northwich Warrior badge I proudly display. It’s because I had to do something to get it. I had to write a post about facing a fear or anxiety over something which is when I wrote a post called, interestingly enough, Fear?. It was kind of personal and I worked on it and was happy to get the prize. But did I want to go that far? Nah. I’m going to do something else that can include people on other platforms as well.

Here’s my big plan: Every week, starting tomorrow, I am going to pick a blog that I like and that I read somewhat regularly. I’m going to create a graphic of some sort that says, “Herb likes this blog,” although I do like my special award. I’ll do a quick review of my opinions on the site and give them the award, which they can choose to display or not. I may try to randomize the choice somehow or the other but I don’t know. It likely will just be my whim and fancy.

Ooo! Ooo! Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter! I had a different idea! Instead of all of this, as I was looking for an appropriate graphic, My line of thinking changed. I was looking for something that was all “awardy” looking but then I wondered if there wasn’t something better. I started thinking about how I could represent my blog, me and what I would like to convey.


12 responses to “Award Winning Wednesday – Intro”

  1. Ishaan Sharma Avatar

    Good Idea sir.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks! My goal, which may be a bit much, is to do every blog I visit on a regular basis,.

  2. Beverly Avatar


    1. Herb Avatar

      Thank you kindly ma’am, for the vote of confidence. I should try to think of something for people who don’t have blogs, too. Hmmm…

  3. Amber Avatar

    Aww. I love it

    1. Herb Avatar

      Maybe I should do it for friends, family and semi-retired bloggers.

  4. Dumbestblogger Avatar

    Coffee is good.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Oh, yes. I like to sit with a friend and talk and drink coffee.

  5. Petra Avatar

    Awesome idea, I look forward to seeing which blogs or projects you choose.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks. I’m really excited about doing it.

  6. Mr. Ohh! Avatar

    cute idea

    Stay well and laugh

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks for reading!

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