The Move In

The Move In

Herb June 25, 2020

Well, no one can say that my daughter in Pueblo does things in a small way. She fell down the stairs and broke her ankle so badly that it required surgery. And she sprained the other one. She can’t put weight on either foot and requires a wheelchair to go anywhere. Living in a tri-level is not a very tenable position for her for the time being. Her husband is a very hard worker and would do what he can but for him to take care of Daughter and 3 kids when Daughter is going to require so much care is too much. So, since our house is a single level and is the most handicap accessible out of everybody in the family, we have Daughter and grandkids living with us for now. Especially this first part of her recovery when she is in so much pain and needs help with everything.

This is what families do. They help each other out. It’s life.

13 thoughts on “The Move In

  1. Tell your daughter I am sorry for her fall But laughter is the best medicine. Find reasons to laugh and she’ll get though fine

    Stay well and laugh when you can

    1. Well, thank you so much. I usually can make her laugh and she does enjoy humor, so she has those things going for her.

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