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5 Points About Yesterday’s Post – Number 3 Might Surprise You

First I have to introduce the piece, which introduction is supposed to go right here. Now, I did have a few things to say about yesterday’s post, but I don’t know if I can follow through on the title. But I will attempt to take some of the things I read and wrote yesterday and make something of them today. Another mess, probably.

1) Subheadings

One of the things they suggested was the use of subheadings. Since a lot of internet users don’t actually read anything but rather just scan articles, subheadings are important. I don’t know how well that works for things that are not actually articles about a specific subject.

2) Plot Twists

Actually, this was not something I read in one of the articles yesterday, but merely an observation that I don’t know if subheadings will work particularly well with plot twists. “Your attention, please. This is a plot twist.” I don’t know.

3) I Got The Holiday Wrong Yesterday

Well, okay, if you know me very well at all this may not be a really big surprise. Today was the U.S. holiday, Flag Day. Father’s Day is next week. I flew my American flag proudly today. Oh. It’s also Ashley Lintner’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Ashley!

4) There Are More Perfect Ways To Title A Blog Post Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Well, I suppose it’s still okay to shake a stick at a computer, but, even though the temptation is strong, you probably should not smite the computer with the stick. I mean, you can, and it might make you feel better for a little while, but in the long run, it’s probably best not to. Far be it from me to try to tell you what to do when you have that stick in your hand, however. There were some interesting looking points in this article called “8 Winning Headline Strategies and the Psychology Behind Them.” At least they looked that way. The subheadings were interesting when I scanned them.

5) I Have Some Kind And Supportive Fans, Friends, Fiends, Foes, Family And Other Readers

Thanks to all of you. Thanks for reading my stuff and thanks for commenting, whether it was on the blog or in person. You guys are the greatest.


6 responses to “5 Points About Yesterday’s Post – Number 3 Might Surprise You”

  1.  Avatar

    That’s the trouble I have with tags when it comes to plot twists. No good saying “Murder” in the tags or categories if your story wants to do a surprise murder.

    1. Herb Avatar

      lol. Yeah, it kind of takes the punch out of it.

  2. Amber Avatar

    True that

    1. Herb Avatar

      True what?

  3. Dumbestblogger Avatar

    So disappointed by number 3! Also where are all the shnazzy pics? I like pics with my click-bait, thank you very much!

    1. Herb Avatar

      I’m sorry. I’m still a noob.

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