A Milestone For Me
A Milestone For Me

A Milestone For Me

Back in August I made a commitment to followers of this blog that I was going to write in this blog every single day for as long as I could. That was on August 9, 2019. Today marks the 300th day after that. Yes, I have missed a couple of times but even having missed some days, I still, with this post, have 297 posts for a total of 3 missed posts.

From my perspective that’s pretty incredible since I have a hard time with being consistent. I started this blog on Oct 4, 2004 with a post called, “To Blog or Not To Blog.” From October 4th, 2004, until the day I made the commitment, August 9, 2019 I only had a total of 300 entries. In other words, I have posted more in these last 300 days than I did for most of the life of the blog.


  1. Beverly

    Congrats! That is a big thing, brother! When we commit to an endeavor like this, it makes it easier to accomplish other tasks. A pattern is formed.

    I am in the same boat on an endeavor. Life’s challenges make it hard, but I committed. You are an example helping me to keep going and we love reading this blog. Thank you for your burden to deliver, no matter what!

    1. Thanks, Anonymous! Actually, I think the second or third post tells the story of how I tilted the pinball machine on him. I honestly did not know it would do that when I nudged it, but I must have nudged it harder than I thought.

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