A Short Thank You

A Short Thank You

Herb May 23, 2020


Well, okay, not that short. I appreciated the comments and questions I received on yesterday’s post. I think I answered them all, so far. If you go back to yesterday’s post and ask something I will look at it and answer.

I try to reply to every comment anyway. Sometimes I miss one and sometimes the Akismet anti-spam will just randomly toss a legitimate comment into the spam folder. It’s really annoying, sometimes. I have one person who has almost 200 comments approved and inexplicably their comments wind up in my spam folder. I do look at it at least once or twice a day for that reason.

I did get some good ideas for posts from a couple of the questions, though, so thnx again.

6 thoughts on “A Short Thank You

  1. Do I need to reply with ur welcome or just yw? I don’t like it when people do that! 🙂
    I check spam every time I go on WP.

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