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The French Connection (Hint: not the book)

The other day my wife handed me a sheaf of papers to go through. This is nothing new, especially since I am a slob and a pack-rat. These papers were some reprints of blogs and articles that I had printed off for her, I don’t remember why. One that caught my attention, however, was from 2008. One of our local conservative radio talk show hosts, Richard Randall, had posted this article on his blog about how some French soldiers in Afghanistan viewed their American Infantry counterparts.

While it does go off my site and you can’t use the WordPress Reader to see it, I think it’s worth giving it a look. I thought it was cool but didn’t exactly go with yesterday’s post.

Paladin Howitzer Photo by Pfc Leigh Armstrong, 2ID Public Affairs Office April 05, 2007 Soldiers from Bravo Battery 2-5 Field Artillery fire 155 mm Paladin Howitzers at St. Barbara training area in South Korea as part of the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration exercise. The Soldiers traveled from Fort Sill, Okla. to familiarize themselves with terrain and train for relief procedures in conjunction with 1-15 Field Artillery stationed in Camp Hovey.

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