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Effusion Confusion

As I was cleaning the cat litter box this afternoon, I began to wonder which was the better pet, the cat, or the dog? My original question was which is better, a cat or a dog, but then I remembered that I have a few friends who have the kinds of sense of humor that would ask about whether the Cowboy Marinade would be good…And of course, there’s Carter, whose unit was assigned to train the Thai Marines, who told me that it was a very common thing to have a street vendor offer you cat on a stick. But this post isn’t about any of that. I heard that collective sigh of relief. One of the issues that I have is that I am writing to a very diverse and intelligent audience. Some people I know personally and others that I have never met but have read enough of their blogs to know a bit about their personality.

Now, longtime readers will know by now that I am going to write what I want and if it comes to an issue I feel strongly about, I will express myself as clearly as possible but won’t compromise my convictions. I try to present these types of issues in such a way that you, Gentle Reader, will know that I mean you no disrespect but this is what I think. However, there are many other topics that I am not that way. And I always welcome comments no matter what. If your opinion is different than mine you can leave a comment explaining what you think. I have never (knowingly) deleted anyone’s comment or even had to edit any, and I think that’s due to the high level of intelligence of my readers. And if not exactly intelligence, then at least your momma taught you some manners which are potentially more valuable.

One problem with the system that I have no answer for at all is how some comments wind up in the spam folder. It seems to happen randomly. I have one reader who has over 130 approved comments and then, for whatever reason, her next one went into the spam folder. Another person who enters their information the exact same way every time gets changed to anonymous and/or winds up in spam. I don’t get it. But I do check the blog’s spam folder once or twice a day, just in case.

I like comments but I stopped writing this to read a couple of books to the grandson who lives here and now I have totally forgotten where I was planning to go with this. I’m sure it was my intention to make effusive, yea, glowing remarks about how wonderful you all are, but I have no idea what. So, just please feel free to consider yourselves highly effused upon.


13 responses to “Effusion Confusion”

  1. Brothers Campfire Avatar

    I feel highly effused upon.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks for the effulgent comment.

  2. Lydia Avatar

    Which is better as a pet? CAT!
    Which is better in general? CAT!

    1. Herb Avatar

      Hmmm…As I told another commentator, I like both, and rabbits.

  3. Tony Laplume Avatar

    Between a cat and a dog, I think I’d rather worry about a cat’s potty habits. At least with them all I have to do is remember to clean the litter every now and then, and replace it as necessary With a dog I have to cater to their every beck and whim, not only when to go out, but where to go, watch where they pee, clean up when they poop, and try to remember what an adventure it all is!

    …Okay, I love ’em both!

    1. Herb Avatar

      I really do, too. And rabbits. I’m going to have to re-do that post, though. I got sidetracked, lol.

  4. Ashley Avatar


  5. Pat Avatar

    Thanks for visiting Source of Inspiration and leaving bread crumbs for me to find you here. I laughed so much at your About section but couldn’t figure out how to add a comment. Now that I see the comment section is at the end, I will try again. Or not since I added it here. Looking forward to reading more here. hugs, pat

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thak you so much for stopping by! And thanks for the kind words about my “about.”

  6. Bruce Avatar

    Thanks Herb. I feel totally effuzed.
    I have a cat, a dog, and a goat. All three are wonderful, but the goat is the biggest character and possibly the most affectionate.

    1. Herb Avatar

      That’s neat. I’ve never had a goat but we did have a rabbit and I discovered they are full of personality.

  7. Amber Avatar

    I think it’s confusion of effusion correctly named.

    1. Herb Avatar

      If you don’t watch out you might wind up with contusions.

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