Thanks For The Thousand

Thanks For The Thousand

Herb April 25, 2020
All thanks to you, Gentle Readers!

I just want to tell all of you readers thank you. Thank you. You all know that I am somewhat disdainful of the WP Like button. But, while I was at work yesterday and the app sounded on my phone and I looked at it and saw the graphic above, it made me happy. So I abandoned, for a moment at least, my feelings and decided to feel dainful.

So, thank you all for liking me. Boy, you make a guy feel swell!

28 thoughts on “Thanks For The Thousand

              1. 🙄 When 🙄 will 🙄 I 🙄 learn?🙄 I 🙄 should’ve 🙄 known. 🙄
                I 🙄 think 🙄 my 🙄 eyeballs 🙄 are 🙄 gonna 🙄 fall 🙄 out. 🙄

  1. Congrats! This may be the first time I ever seen the word “dainful” use in a sentence without a dis before it.

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