So Far So Meh

As the folks who visit this blog at the blog and not through the WP Reader can attest, I frequently change up the look of the blog. It’s usually for the purpose of my trying to see what it will look like with different backgrounds and how my widgets come out, or, sometimes, just to mess with Amber’s mind. But I have had another thought in mind the last few days of trying to make it easier for the low-vision readers I have. None of these changes affect any of the people who read and comment solely through the reader but they do impact some other of my readers.

Switching to the classic editor didn’t work for what I wanted it to. The Classic Editor and/or the Classic Paragraph block, combined with TinyMCE is handy and more flexible for a lot of formatting and editing things but it didn’t help for what I wanted.

I haven’t given up yet, though. But I fear this may prove equally fruitless with my test run of Edge versus Chrome a few weeks back. It would probably help the whole situation if I had a clue but I stumble along in seemingly blissful ignorance. Actually, I am learning as I go, so, I am most chagrined to report, it’s not true ignorance.


  1. Wow! Your site has changed quite a bit. The dark theme is nice.

    Just wanted to bring to your notice: commenting on your blog is quite tough from the site. I have to fill in my site address and email.

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