Experimentation With WordPress And Parthenon Security

I have several readers who still come here to the actual website to read my blog and I know that a couple of them have vision limitations.  So, what I’ve decided to try is using the “Classic Editor” plugin to write the posts in a larger font than is provided with the theme and see how it looks.  I’m still putzing with the look and theme and just haven’t hit on the perfect one, yet.  I’m using the “Classic Editor” plugin but if you use the “Block Editor” which is the default with WordPress now you can create a “Classic Editor” block.  Either way, when you go to start a new paragraph, you have to change the font each and every time so it’s kind of six-of-one-and-half-a-dozen-of-the-other on that score.  I just want to make my site as legible as I can to as many real people as I can.  The followers who use the WP Reader don’t have any choice in what font is used and don’t see the actual site anyway, just the content.
Parthenon Security
A young man had just taken a job as a tour guide at the Parthenon in Athens.  Each day he noticed four men in security uniforms: tall, blue-eyed and blond.  They would be there.  He asked his boss about them.
His boss replied, “Oh, Those are Sven, Lars, Olaf and Leif; the four Norsemen of the Acropolis.”


  1. Sven and Ole were working on a roof one day. Sven picked up a nail and hammered it in. He picked up another nailed, looked at it and threw it off the roof. He repeated this process many times, and finally Ole had had enough. “Why are you throwing so many nails off the roof?” He asked Sven. “Well, ya see” , said Sven, “those nails have the point on the wrong end.” “You idiot”, said Ole, “those nails are for the other side of the roof!”

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