Children’s Classics?

As I sat reading The Cat in the Hat Comes Back to the grandson who lives here I realized that this Cat person is really nothing more than a vandal. And while he may not fit the complete definition of a bully his clearly boorish behavior absolutely categorizes him as a jerk. Children’s stories are kind of disturbing when you think about them, but kids don’t seem to care. I mean, has no one told Sally and her brother about stranger danger? I mean, come on! This giant cat forces his way into the house, wreaks all sorts of havoc and ends it all with an explosive “VOOM!” And where is the dad? Sure, he has ten-dollar shoes, but doesn’t he have a shotgun? My grandpa’s motto about cats was, “Never keep more cats around than what will catch mice.” I think the Cat in the Hat is a stalker. Did you ever notice that in both books he conveniently shows up just as the mother leaves? And the kids don’t have enough sense to call the police? At the very least they should have told their mother what happened so that she could call the police and make sure the Cat in the Hat never comes back.

Sinister looking beast, isn’t it?


    • Well, sure, if you want to be all realistic and stuff about it and ruin a perfectly fine, seven-minutes-till-midnight-and-I-still-haven’t-posted-anything rant.

  1. The witch in Hansel and Gretel probably had a cat – and everyone seems to ignore it. Dr. Seuss’s cat is a jerk. My cat, called Pussycat, is a notch above all others.

  2. Ever since I was a tiny kid all the way up till now, I’ve never liked Cat in the Hat, but I liked all the other classics. I was so weird.

  3. I always thought the cat was just a story the kids made up to explain how the house got messed up. I doubt the parents bought it for one second.

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