Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms can be some of the most tiresome places in the world. But, when you have someone in the ICU, this is the place you have to hang out.


  1. For the multiple visits to the eye doctor I’ve done over the past five months…Yeah, waiting rooms suck. This last one was okay. Two guys were snoring. One had a wife. Eventually I had to stop humoring her attempts to rope my in on the embarrassment. It was just a thing that was happening. Also, this was Valentine’s Day, and yet it was the first time there were no cookies. They still haven’t fixed the one TV. But I’ve actually gotten used to watching the home-buying shows they’re always playing. I still can’t figure out why we have so many home-buying/home-improving/home-flipping shows. Why do I care what someone else is living in unless I have a chance to visit? Ooh! I want that, too! I guess.

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