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Dropping Comments

I always check my Spam folder before I empty it because I have had both Akismet and Clean Talk filter comments incorrectly. I really like to get comments and I try to reply to every one, but sometimes a legitimate one will slip through the cracks. It bothers me when that happens, especially these days, when I have picked up more followers than I have had in a long time. Part of it is, I think, because I have gone to blogging everyday. The other part is thanks to Ben, over at Brothers Campfire who helped me figure out how to use the app and connect with the WordPress community.

So, anyway, if you do me the honor of commenting on one of my posts and don’t see a reply or get an “Awaiting Moderation” message and it doesn’t show up, please let me know. Ben was having this happen to his comments for a while. Anyway, I will be more diligently watching for your comments and authorizing them as quickly as I humanly can.


7 responses to “Dropping Comments”

  1. Amber Avatar


  2. Beverly Avatar

    Thanks. I replied on the recent Coffee subject and did not see my reply.

    1. Herb Avatar

      That’s what made me want to post this. I found your comment buried in there. I’m sorry. I don’t know why it did that, but I always check. Please let me know if you think it happened again.

      1. Beverly Avatar

        Thanks. I see it now and will do. Not a problem.

  3. ellie894 Avatar

    I’ve gotten into the habit of checking my spam folder every so often. I’m always surprised when good comments end up there 😊

    1. Herb Avatar

      Yeah, it can get to be like digging through the trash, though.

      1. ellie894 Avatar

        True! 🙃

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