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Zero Year

This new year of 2020 is filled with numbers ending in zero for me and my family. Several significant personal events are coming up this year.

Twenty years ago I survived the awful calamity of the infamous “Y2K Bug.”

This year on February 18, Grandma Pike turns ninety years old. We plan to have a big celebration for her. Also this year, my sister-in-law turns seventy.

In February, on the 6th, I will turn the big six-oh. Yup. It will have been sixty years since I was dragged into the world, kicking and screaming. Literally, since I was breech.

I have been teaching Sunday School in this same church for thirty years. Half my life. Wow. God has been good to me.

Saving the best for the last, on June the Fifth I will have been married for forty years. I used to make a joke when I said that and would say, “But I must be doing something wrong because it’s all been to the same woman.” That bothered more people than it made laugh. A simple ceremony in front of His Honor, Judge Thomas Grover. My two best friends were with us but no family. She could probably steal Scotty Vaughn’s joke where he said that his wife was telling someone that they had been happily married for twenty-five years. “But dear,” he corrected her, “We’ve been married twenty-eight years.” “Well, some of those years weren’t all that great.”

But she loves me.


4 responses to “Zero Year”

  1. Carter Avatar

    better change the batteries on the smoke detector for yer berfday candles

  2. Amber Avatar

    Oh goodness I’m rolling

  3. Herb Avatar

    It’s so nice to have friends.

  4. pendantry Avatar

    You share the same birthday as my brother. He’s two years older than me. I’m 11 days younger than you. 🙂

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